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Speed Products

Compact is the leading manufacturer in Europe of Digital Portable Tachometers & associated devices, they have specialised in the design and manufacture of high quality speed measurement products for 25 years.

Compact Instruments warrants their products to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of three years from the date of shipment. This warranty does not apply to any product which has been subject to misuse, negligence, or accidental damage, or if the unit has any unauthorised modification. This applies to new products only.

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Compact Speed Products:

Speed Sensors


Available Products:

Advent Range

A2101 (Economy model Optical Tachometer)
A2102 (General purpose Optical/Contact Tachometer)
A2103 (Professional Optical/Contact Tachometer)
A2103/LSR/K (Professional Optical/Contact Tachometer)
A2105 (Petrol Engine Tachometer)
A2106 (Diesel Engine Tachometer)
A2107 (Professional Combi Engine Tachometer -   Diesel/Petrol & Optical Laser)
A2108 (Optical/Contact Multimeter Probes)
A2108/LSR (Laser Tachometer)
A2109/LSR (LSR Laser Optical/Contact Tachometers)

These Tachometers are fully featured including 5 digit LCD inverting display with legends for all functions and measurement parameters, selectable ranges for revs, metres, feet, yards per minute or per second.

Concorde Range

CT6 (Optical/Contact Hand Tachometers with LED display)
CT6/LSR/ERP (High Speed Optical Laser Hand Tachometer - LED display)
CT6/LSR/OP/SW (Optical Laser Hand Held Tachometer, with Pulse Output   Facility)

The Concorde CT6 series of Hand Held Tachometers are available in a variety of models to suit most applications, with large Bright LED displays and a wide selection of excellent features, including standard optical system range up to 1 metre or with a Laser system with a range up to 2 metres for enhanced optical performance.


Deumo 1
Deumo 2
Deumo 3

A range of three Precision Mechanical Tachometers are available designed to cover virtually all speed ranges found in most types of Process Plant and general rotating machinery applications found in industry.

The Deumo range are ideal for contact speed measurement of rpm and linear speed in metres per minute.

Direct reading - the clear dial & fine pointer provide very good readability on the very long scale dial of the instrument.


Available Products:

VLS Series Optical Speed Sensors

VLS5/J (minilamp)
VLS5/D (minilamp)
VLS5/T (minilamp)
VLS7/D (minilamp)
VLS7/T (minilamp)
VLS7/CBN (minilamp)
VLS5/J/LSR (laser)
VLS5/D/LSR (laser)
VLS5/T/LSR (laser)
VLS7/T/LSR (laser)
VLS7/D/LSR (laser)
VLS7/L/CBN (laser)

The VLS series of Visible Light Optical Sensors is primarily designed for speed related use. Ideal for use with our range of Digital Tachometers, including hand held, panel mounted and bench style instruments. A range of mounting devices is available for hands free applications.

MiniVLS Series Laser Optical Speed Sensors

Mini VLS 111 (Laser Sensor 5v - Threaded)
Mini VLS 112 (LSR Sensor 8-24vdc - Threaded)
Mini VLS 113 (LSR Sensor 6-12vdc - Threaded)
Mini VLS 211 (LSR Sensor 5vdc - Plain)
Mini VLS 212 LSR (LSR Sensor 8-24vdc - Plain)
Mini VLS 213 (LSR Sensor 6-12vdc - Plain)

The MiniVLS series Optical Sensors are primarily designed for speed related applications, including very high speed monitoring.

MiniVLS nL Series Optical Speed/Phase Sensors

Mini VLS 111/N (Laser Sensor - Threaded)
Mini VLS 121/N (LED Sensor - Threaded)
Mini VLS 211/N (Laser Sensor - Plain)
Mini VLS 221/N (LED Sensor - Plain)

These Sensors are primarily designed for Phase related rotational speed applications, including very high speed monitoring and are available with either Laser or Red LED light sources.

Type SIPP/1 Portable 5Vdc Sensor Power Pack

SIPP/1 (Sensor Interface Power Pack)
SIPP/AC1 (230 VAC Charger)
SIPP/2 (Signal input cable)

This portable power pack is primarily designed for use with Compact VLS and MiniVLS (Laser versions)series 5v powered Optical Speed Sensors in free standing applications where short term Speed measurements are required.


Available Products:

Professional Stroboscope

DT-311 (mains powered)

A very rugged general purpose mains powered portable Stroboscope designed for continuous operation over a very wide frequency range.

DT-315N (Battery powered)

A very rugged general purpose internal battery powered portable Stroboscope designed for continuous operation over a very wide frequency range.

Helio Strobe

Helio Strobe Alpha - Type 724

A very rugged general purpose mains powered portable Stroboscope designed for continuous operation over a very wide frequency range.

Helio Strobe Beta - Type 725
Helio Strobe Beta A2 - Type 726

The Beta Stroboscope is similar to the Alpha with several enhancements and key application features, including very stable digital flash frequency control, automatic range selection, internal/external triggering, phase shift facilities, bench or panel mounting option.

Helio Strobe Beta A3 - Type 727

Double output power of other ALPHA & BETA versions.

Helio Strobe Gamma - Type 728

A very versatile microprocessor controlled Stroboscope with an excellent frequency range of 0.1-1075 Hz ( 6 - 64,500 fpm), having a precision clock & high accuracy phase shift features.

Portable Stroboscope

Type PS-1

This battery operated portable digital Stroboscope is ideal for general purpose applications, it is lightweight, internally battery powered by NiMH rechargable batteries. The high flash power of 800 Lux provides more than adequate light output for many applications.