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Temperature Products

With over 60 years of experience, GEORGIN has acquired knowledge and expertise that are constantly delivered through its supply of measurement and temperature control instruments. GEORGIN guarantee quality, reliability and performance products.

GEORGIN products have received the following certificates: ATEX, ISO 9001 V2000, TRACTEBEL, GOST-R, CCC.

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GEORGIN Temperature Products Classification:

Instruments for Measurement
Instruments for Control and Safety


Technical overview:

An electronic module converts the signal transmitted by the probe into an analogue signal.
Two types of probes are used :
Thermocouples which generate a voltage (mv).
RTD which vary according to temperature.

Available Products:


DT series - 5 versions available


T7000 series - Bimetal industrial thermometer for severe environments
T7100 series - Inert gas pressure thermometer for severe environments


Technical overview:

The temperature to be controlled is applied to a sensor (diaphragm, bellows, manometric tube). Whenever there is a change of temperature, the sensor is distorted and acts on a force balance connected to a microswitch. Opposite this sensitive element, an adjustable spring enables the working point to be adjusted : whenever the pressure on the sensor is sufficient to counter the spring pressure, the force balance changes position. Adding a second adjustable spring permits greater or lesser increase of the hysteresis (dead-band) or to act on dislocation between the two contacts if the instruments is thus equipped.

Available Products:

Electrical Switches

F Series - Compact industrial model
P Series - Industrial model
U Series - Low cost model
G Series - Small size model

Pneumatical Cells Switches

F Series - Compact industrial pneumatic model

Special Applications Switches

NAVY Applications:
PM Series - Navy purpose (any boats)
FM Series - Navy purpose (any boats)
MN / NG Series - Navy purpose (any boats)

ENERGY Applications:
PE series
FE series

RAILWAY Applications:
J Series - Low cost model (railway)
G Series (any train)