Product Code: CI-xxx

Manufacturer: Compact Instrument

Compact Speed Products:


Available Products:

Advent Range

 A2101 (Economy model Optical Tachometer)
 A2102 (General purpose Optical/Contact Tachometer) -
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 A2103 (Professional Optical/Contact Tachometer)
 A2103/LSR/K (Professional Optical/Contact Tachometer)
 A2105 (Petrol Engine Tachometer)
 A2106 (Diesel Engine Tachometer)
 A2107 (Professional Combi Engine Tachometer -   Diesel/Petrol & Optical Laser)
 A2108 (Optical/Contact Multimeter Probes)
 A2108/LSR (Laser Tachometer)
 A2109/LSR (LSR Laser Optical/Contact Tachometers)

These Tachometers are fully featured including 5 digit LCD inverting display with legends for all functions and measurement parameters, selectable ranges for revs, metres, feet, yards per minute or per second.


Concorde Range

 CT6 (Optical/Contact Hand Tachometers with LED display)
 CT6/LSR/ERP (High Speed Optical Laser Hand Tachometer - LED display) -
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 CT6/LSR/OP/SW (Optical Laser Hand Held Tachometer, with Pulse Output   Facility)

The Concorde CT6 series of Hand Held Tachometers are available in a variety of models to suit most applications, with large Bright LED displays and a wide selection of excellent features, including standard optical system range up to 1 metre or with a Laser system with a range up to 2 metres for enhanced optical performance.